Water Treatment Products


We use WaterSoft Water Treatment Products
WaterSoft is committed to providing the water treatment industry’s highest quality and most innovative products—all designed, developed, tested and assembled in Ashland, Ohio.

Provectr Product Line

Our premier line of products treats up to 15ppm iron and 4ppm sulfur. Provectr systems are designed for use with both constant pressure and jet type pump system. Quiet, high output, oil less air compressor for maximum aeration.

Enpress® Vortech Systems

Made with a distributor plate for exceptional back-washing capability. Eliminates Hardness (Calcium & Magnesium). Standard brine tank size 18” X 33” with space saving 14” x 14” and over-sized 18” x 40” brine tanks available.

WaterSoft Media

All the media we use in our Water Soft, Inc. products are completely natural and are perfectly safe for humans, pets, and are disposed of easily.  We use several different types of filter media customized to your systems needs including SmartBlend, MultiBlend, Calcite, Gravel and Solar Salt.

ISOBAR Control Valves

Exclusive ISOBAR® Control Valve System Offered Only on WaterSoft Manufactured Products. Heavy-Duty Drive Gears and Motors that Extends Valve Life. Attractive Casing Including Front and Back Covers.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service and install your water treatment system!