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Please Email to Reach Us:

You may reach Dave Sprague at

Two Person Teams:

We dispatch two person installation teams; additional teams are available for larger projects.  A two person team makes more sense for the vast majority of our installations.

Emergency Service

We have an on-call service tech to respond to emergencies after hours.  Please call 696-3120 ext 1 and leave a message.

Submit the Want an Install Form:

When you submit this form it speeds up our ability to discuss your HVAC  installation.

HVAC, Radiant, Geothermal Design:

Dave Sprague will work closely with the contractor to design a HVAC, radiant, or geothermal installation that meets the client needs.

Photo Gallery

Click here to see our HVAC gallery.

Call Dave Sprague:

We prefer email, but if you wish to call, then dial 508 696 3120, ext 3.

HVAC System Installation

Dave Sprague and his installation team of licensed professionals will install and commission all components of the HVAC system.

HVAC Resources

Click here for HVAC Resources

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    Matt Rivers

    HVAC Technician


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    HVAC Technician

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    David Sprague


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    Nevar Christie

    HVAC Technician

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    Ethan Hadley

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    Myles Sprague

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