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Rescue Plan

Rescue Plan


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Rescue Plan

How The Rescue Process Works:

1. Document the History

Our first step is to notate the history of the failing system – was it ever heating and cooling correctly?  Or did it have issues from the beginning?  Was there a change in plans midway through the installation?  Was there a change in the design?

4. What is the Desired Goal for the HVAC System?

If the HVAC system were working perfectly, what would it be doing differently?  Warmer rooms in the winter?  Cooler rooms in the summer?  More efficient operation?  Easier to operate and adjust?  Faster and smoother response to changes in outside conditions?

7. Identify Options and Alternatives

We can then determine what needs to be changed in the existing heating and cooling system to meet the heating and cooling loads AND the client’s indoor comfort needs.

10. Close Supervision to Ensure Success

As the Rescue Team proceeds with the retrofit of the existing heating and cooling systems, their progress will be monitored to ensure that no steps are missed.  This ensures a lasting resolution to the performance issues of the system.

2. Previous Efforts to Resolve Issues

What efforts have been taken to resolve heating and cooling issues?  Have other firms been brought in to try to rework the installation?  Did they make things better or worse?

5. Detailed Survey of Existing HVAC Equipment

Our next step is to thoroughly document what equipment is installed, how it is currently controlled, what is its current heating and cooling capacity, where is it located in relation to the heating and cooling needs of the home?

8. Develop Quotes and a Budget

We will create a quote for the steps needed to provide the desired indoor comfort – typically we try to reuse what is good and functional in the existing system….

11. Qualifications

Brian Nelson is a Master Plumber and Sheetmetal Master licensed in Massachusetts.   He has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering with commercial, industrial, and residential experience.

3. Current Status of the HVAC System

What works about the system now?  Is heating mode better than cooling mode?  What workarounds have been put in place to make the troubled system somewhat functional?

6. Detailed Analysis of the Heating and Cooling Loads

We take an in depth look at the building itself to determine what the cooling and heating loads are…. what are the desired heating and cooling setpoints?  Some older cooling systems can’t keep up as they were designed for warmer indoor temps….

9. Solidify the Rescue Plan

Once the quote is approved, we can lay out the step by step process, the Rescue Plan, that our Rescue Team will execute to rectify performance issues and achieve HVAC Happiness.

12. Gallery of our Rescue Projects

Please visit our Gallery Pages to review the various Rescue Projects we have done over the past 15 years.  Click here for more information.

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