Water Treatment


What is Water Treatment?
Living on Martha’s Vineyard comes with many wonders and struggles.  Water quality can be one of those struggles.  The water on the Vineyard varies tremendously based on the different layers left by the receding ice sheet 10,000 years ago.  So levels of iron, manganese, and other minerals as well as acidic or basic water can vary dramatically from property to property.   While we do not drill wells, we service and replace well pumps, well tanks, and water treatment systems.
Most people have well water on the island.  Most well water on the island suffers from two main problems:


Iron and manganese can cause rusty-orange or black staining on your clothes, fixtures, sinks, tubs and toilets. These unsightly stains can be very hard to remove.  We use the Water Soft, Inc. Provector Plus System to safely remove the iron before it becomes a problem in your fixtures and laundry.

Acidic water, characterized by a low pH, will cause corrosion of metallic plumbing fixtures and piping. Another common symptom of acidic water is blue-green staining of fixtures and laundry with copper plumbing systems. We use upflow filters to increase the PH of your water to protect your plumbing systems.

All the media we use in our Water Soft, Inc. products are completely natural and are perfectly safe for humans, pets, and are disposed of easily.  The media is comprised of birm sand, crushed georgia marble, and gravel.

Water Soft Inc. will provide a test and recommendation for water samples we provide to them for our customers.

We can evaluate your existing system (if any), quote a recommended system installation, and provide pricing for the best and worst case scenario for annual maintenance.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service and install your water treatment system!