Water Treatment Systems for Iron Removal and Reduction

Iron System Page (ProvectrPlus)For customers suffering from issues with iron in their water, we offer the PROVECTR Plus line from Watersoft.

All our products and are safe and natural, providing a chemical-free water treatment.

A typical iron system will include an air compressor: this injects air into your water and allows the ferrous iron to oxidize and form ferric oxide, which is then a larger molecule which can be filtered by the media in the tank. The compressor turns onĀ automatically by reading how much water you are using and only runs when needed. We offer a new SMARTBLEND filter media from WaterSoft which handles sediment, iron, manganese and sulfur particles. All tanks are lined with gravel as an underbed to provide flow distribution.

An added benefit of your iron removal system is that the SMARTBLEND media will also help raise low ph issues if you also suffer from acidic water.