Installation of Water Treatment Systems

IMG_1614As licensed Massachusetts Master Plumbers, we are allowed to design, install, and modify water treatment systems.  As necessary, we will secure a plumbing permit for the installation of the water treatment system and arrange for its inspection.

After performing water testing, we will determine the best type of treatment system to install in your home. If you have an outdated existing system we can work with you to upgrade to newer equipment or features.

The design of your water treatment system will have an affect on the maintenance program required to keep your water at it’s best. We will work with you to determine the best location for your new system and a maintenance program that suits your needs.

Most new water treatment system installations use copper piping and ProPress fittings for the main water lines, this ensures long lasting use and faster install times. Our backwash feeds will be installed using pex, vinyl, or pvc – there are usually several options for backwash outlets and locations.