Water Treatment Installation and Service

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The History of Water on Martha’s Vineyard
Living on Martha’s Vineyard comes with many wonders and struggles.  Water quality can be one of those struggles.  The water on the Vineyard varies tremendously based on the different layers of rock and sediment left by the receding ice sheet 10,000 years ago.  So levels of iron, manganese, and other minerals as well as acidic or basic water can vary dramatically from property to property. This is why your well water may only be acidic, but your neighbor’s water is full of iron.   Learn more….

What We Test For In Your Water
Your water should be crystal clear and free from chemicals, odors, bad tastes and hardness. However, water quality varies from home to home, and there are many common water problems that can cause your water to appear cloudy, have a bad smell or taste, stain and water-spot fixtures, or even shorten the life of your pipes and appliances.  Testing your water is critical for properly designing a new water treatment system, proper maintenance, and ensuring your system is functioning correctly. Depending on your situation, samples may be taken untreated, after treatment if you have an existing system, or before and after maintenance.    Learn more….

Installation of Water Treatment Systems
As licensed Massachusetts Master Plumbers, we are allowed to design, install, and modify water treatment systems.  As necessary, we will secure a plumbing permit for the installation of the water treatment system and arrange for its inspection.   After performing water testing, we will determine the best type of treatment system to install in your home. If you have an outdated existing system we can work with you to upgrade to newer equipment or features.   Learn more….

Water Treatment Systems for Iron Removal and Reduction
For customers suffering from issues with iron in their water, we offer the PROVECTR Plus line from Watersoft.   All our products and are safe and natural, providing a chemical-free water treatment.   A typical iron system will include an air compressor: this injects air into your water and allows the ferrous iron to oxidize and form ferric oxide, which is then a larger molecule which can be filtered by the media in the tank. The compressor turns on automatically by reading how much water you are using and only runs when needed.      Learn more…

Water Treatment Systems for Acid Neutralization ( Low pH)
All of our water treatment products are safe and natural. Your acid neutralization system will raise your ph by using Calcite.  Calcite is a naturally occurring calcium carbonate media, otherwise known as Georgia Marble. One of the advantages of Calcite is its self-limiting property.  When properly applied, it corrects pH only enough to reach a non-corrosive equilibrium. It does not over correct under normal conditions. Upon contact with Calcite, acidic waters slowly dissolve the calcium carbonate to raise the pH.  Learn more….

Water Softener Systems (Brine Tanks)
There are a few instances where you may need a water softener, sometimes referred to as a brine tank, added to your treatment system. If you have an acid neutralizer currently installed and you are suffering from soap scum or scaling you may need to have a softener added. When installing new acid neutralizer systems we generally install a softener to give you the most ideal water conditions.  Learn more…..

Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance (PM)
Your water treatment system works hard to provide you with clean safe drinking water. It is a “living” system, that means that it is constantly getting fresh water from your well that has a unique make-up, each system is different and handles your specific water in different ways.   It is important that you get regular maintenance, whether it be iron or acidic water your system stands up to a lot of wear and tear!  Even if you don’t have a problem with the water now, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! We suggest at minimum yearly maintenance, which can vary for each customer.  Learn more….

Please contact Marlon, our service manager, for scheduling a water treatment service visit.  Once we are familiar with the water quality in your well, we can fine tune a maintenance program to keep your water clean and healthy.

 “Rescue” Process for Plumbing Pipe Damaged by Aggressive Water
We have seen many cases where aquifers change over time and water quality becomes progressively worse.  Similarly, we also see systems that have been neglected, clogged from heavy use, or incorrectly serviced that need to be “rescued”.  Because water can be mineral laden and corrosive,  re-piping of some parts of the plumbing system may be necessary as well.   On the Vineyard, there was a period of time when “M” copper tubing (noted for its thin wall thickness) was legal and used in plumbing systems.  Over time this “M” copper would develop pin-hole leaks due to the corrosive nature of the water. Eventually, “M” tubing was outlawed from use in plumbing systems and “L” tubing (with a thicker wall) required in its place.  We have extensive experience with re-piping plumbing system that have “M” tubing and replacing it with “L” copper.  To prevent further corrosion, a change in the water treatment system may be necessary.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service and install your water treatment system!