New Construction Design Process – Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation

NMD is Martha’s Vineyard’s Premier new construction and service firm for plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation.   We strive to provide world-class installation and service.


We have built our new construction department on the foundation of our mechanical design abilities. This is one of our favorite services to offer – we can calculate and specify exactly what heating, cooling, ventilation, and indoor air quality system your home or building requires to be comfortable and energy efficient.   Mechanical systems will not operate at their highest efficiency when they are sized for a building based on guesswork or “the way we have always done it”.

The steps of our process:

Site visit:  We shall come out to the home or business and review the customers plumbing and HVAC needs.  We will review traditional and new technologies and explain the cost/benefit of each type of system.

Preliminary estimate on equipment size:  We shall propose a system(s) that is right for you.  This system(s) shall be based on a btu/sq ft., depending on the age and insulation package of the home.

Stretch code:  Some towns require an additional layer of energy efficiency in the “shell” of the building as well as the mechanical equipment.  Right now, Tisbury and West Tisbury are the only towns that use Stretch Code.  A qualified HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rater will be needed for any project in these towns. We can refer you to several HERS raters we have worked with on other projects.

Ventilation requirements: When people think of HVAC, they think of heating and cooling.  They often forget the ventilation needs of the building.  Bathrooms must have exhaust system, dryers must be safely and properly vented, ranges/cooktops must be vented, and (most recently) make up air and fresh air need to be brought into newer buildings that have a tight envelope.  These additional systems are not only required by code, but are part of our design and installation process.

Manual J heat loss/gain:  Once the preliminary proposal has been tentatively approved, we will have a Manual J heat/loss gain calculation performed by a third party.   (The Manual J heat loss/gain procedure was developed by the ACCA and is the accepted federal and state standard).  We could do this calculation ourselves but having a qualified third party improves objectivity, decreases cost (they can do it for less than we can), and improves productivity in our design/build process.  Once the Manual J has been completed, we will submit a revised quote to reflect the exact requirements of the home or business.

Rebates:  The state and federal governments offer many rebates for most of the equipment we are currently installing.  Please check with you local authorities for what rebates would be available to you (links to Mass Save, etc.).

Tax implications:   There may be tax credits or tax implications with different “renewable energy” systems such as solar hot water and geothermal.  Please consult with your tax professional.

HVAC Designs:  After approval, if a project is large and complex enough, a full duct drawing of the system(s) shall be created and submitted to the home owner, general contractor, architect, etc. for their review.  This is very helpful with register placement and duct routing.

Radiant design tools:  We use LoopCAD for Veiga radiant products for our radiant tubing design.  This is a very helpful tool for everyone involved with the project to see how the loops will be installed, water temperatures required, all parts needed, etc.

Sound practice is followed as we assess the needs of the client, structure, and energy budget. Usually several options are developed as we proceed with the design; ultimately the final system comes together as overall performance issues are reviewed.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to install your new plumbing and HVAC system!