Internet and Wifi Thermostat Installation, Service, and “Rescue”

For the installation of internet and wifi thermostats, please start the process by contacting Dave Sprague in our new construction department to discuss your goals.

Some things to consider:
– How many thermostats are existing in the home and what equipment do they control?
– If they control equipment from certain brands then there may be multiple thermostat options.
– What areas of the home would you controlled and how far away would the thermostat be from the internet router?
–  Different thermostats have different modes of connecting to the internet – some use gateways as an intermediate device to increase coverage in larger homes.  Sometimes wifi coverage is better in larger homes and non-gateway thermostats are best.
–  Is this a retrofit project with existing equipment or a new construction project before building plans have been drawn up?  Sometimes different models of heating and cooling equipment have different thermostat capabilities which would limit internet thermostat options.

Please contact Marlon, our service manager, for scheduling service for your internet or wifi thermostat system.   Once he determines the nature of the problem, he will be able to schedule a service visit with a team of two techs (one master, one apprentice).

Some things to mention about your system when you call Marlon:
– How long has the thermostat been operating incorrectly?
– Is the internet operating correctly?  What is the login and password info for the wifi access?
– Is the power on at the circuit breaker panel and power present at the router and at the thermostat?
– We have seen compatibility issues with the Nest and Lyric thermostats that are difficult to determine during installation but often appear later – sometimes when changing modes from heating to cooling and vice versa.
– Were there any recent changes to the wifi and internet set up?  We have seen internet thermostats get very confused when asked to change from one wifi setup to another.

“Rescue” Process:
Please contact Marlon and describe in what ways your internet and wifi thermostat is chronically under-performing so that he can develop a “rescue” plan.

Some things to mention might include:
– Any changes in connectivity with your internet?
– Any changes to the equipment that the thermostat is connected to?
– The thermostat worked well at one point but is no longer keeping the space at the desired temperature.
– The thermostat is no longer reliable.  We have seen unpredictable interactions between plasma screen TVs, flat screen TVs, mini-split remote controls, and internet thermostats.

Once Marlon collects the necessary information, he will bring in Brian Nelson for consultation on the next steps.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service and install your internet thermostat!