Heat Pump & Mini-Split Installation, Service, and Rescue

We have an exciting preventative maintenance for mini splits and conventional systems!  Learn more hereHVAC 101 082917.

For the installation of heat pumps and mini-splits, please start the process by contacting Dave Sprague in our new construction department to discuss your goals.

Some things to consider:
– Mini-splits are great for heating or cooling one room or when ganged together can handle an entire building.  Heat pumps are typically used with ductwork.
– How cold would you like the house to be during the summer?  We have seen customers interested in progressively colder inside temperatures – ten years ago 74 F was the norm and now folks are seeking 65 F inside.  This has a big impact on how powerful the heat pump or mini-split has to be to meet the cooling setpoint when it is hottest outside.
– Will you want to open up the house when it is nice and cool outside and only turn on the mini-split or heat pump when it is really hot and humid?   This will directly impact the humidity load on the mini-split or heat pump and how the system will be able to cool down your home.
–  How important is air flow noise?  How important are the aesthetic considerations of a wall mounted mini-split?  Is there room for ductwork?  Would mini-splits make sense for some areas?
–  Is this a retrofit project with limited access or a new construction project before building plans have been drawn up?
–  How will grille and register choices affect the ultimate operation of the heat pump system?  Will there be enough airflow and cooling effect?   Should the ductwork and air conditioning system be upsized to accomodate more restrictive grilles?
–  Heat pumps and mini-splits need to have snow removed from them during the winter – this can become an important consideration if the home is seasonal or not frequently occupied during the winter.

Please contact Marlon, our service manager, for scheduling service for your mini-split or heat pump.   Once he determines the nature of the problem, he will be able to schedule a service visit with a team of two techs (one master, one apprentice).

Some things to mention about your system when you call:
– How long has the system been operating incorrectly?
– Is the outside unit free of leaves and debris so that it can operate properly?
– Is the power on at the circuit breaker panel and at the disconnect switches at both the inside unit and outside unit?
– Are the supply and return registers and grilles unobstructed?
– Is there any airflow from the system?
– Is the filter dirty or clogged?
– Is there a puddle of water under the inside unit?
– If there are several mini-split units, are all of them set to the same mode?  If not, then many times the system will become confused.
– Is the thermostat in “Cool” or “Heat” mode and powered “On” ? (some Daikin thermostats have On/Off buttons and must have a green LED lit to operate)

“Rescue” Process:
Please contact Marlon and describe in what ways your mini-split or heat pump system is chronically under-performing so that he can develop a “rescue” plan.

Some things to mention might include:
– The mini-split or heat pump system has never worked correctly.
– The mini-split or heat pump system works well in one area of your home but not in others.
– The mini-split or heat pump system worked well at one point but is no longer keeping the space at the desired temperature.
– The mini-split or heat pump system is no longer reliable.

Once Marlon collects the necessary information, he will bring in Brian Nelson for consultation on the next steps.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service and install your heat pump and mini-split!