Furnaces & Ductwork Installation, Service, and “Rescue”

For the installation of new furnaces and forced air ductwork,  please start the process by contacting Dave Sprague in our new construction department to discuss your goals.

Some things to consider:
– Do you have propane piping already installed at your home?  We do not work with fuel oil.
– What are the venting options (existing chimney, sidewall termination, chimney liner, etc.)
– What are the venting location options (code required distance from opening windows, sources of ignition, etc.)
– Is this a new furnace for a new section of the building?  Or is this furnace an integration with an existing forced air system?
– What are the space limitations for ductwork?  Will the ductwork be in an uninsulated crawlspace or attic – outside of the “thermal envelope” ?

Please contact Marlon, our service manager, for scheduling service for your furnace and ductwork system.  Once he determines the nature of the problem, he will be able to schedule a service visit with a team of two techs (one master, one apprentice).  We are able to service and clean all brands of propane fired furnaces.   We can make recommendations for firms that do duct cleaning.

“Rescue” Process:
Please contact Marlon and describe your failing or under-performing system so that he can develop a “rescue” plan to resolve the functional issues with your furnace and/or ductwork.  We can repair and improve ductwork, seal ductwork joint and connections, add additional air returns (ideally they should be 20% larger in total area than the free area of all of the supplies),  and add additional zones to improve distribution of airflow across various rooms served by the same system.  Once Marlon collects the necessary information, he will bring in Brian Nelson for consultation on the next steps.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service and install your furnace and forced air system!