Control Systems Installation, Service, and “Rescue”

For the installation of new controls systems,  please start off the process by contacting Marlon, our service manager, to discuss your goals:

Some things to consider:
– What systems (heating, cooling, ventilation, plumbing, etc.) do you wish to control.  We have experience with controlling just about any mechanical system.
– Do you wish to add or separate heating or cooling zones?  Does the existing zoning no longer work with the way the building is used now?
– How much remote control/observation do you need?  Our control systems range from a  simple internet thermostat to a complete house control that permits turning on and off well water, temperature control, ventilation control, and lighting.
– How do you want the control system to default to?   As all mechanical systems will have a failure at some point in their operational life, how should the control system react to this event?
– Do you want “hardening” or isolation of controls to limit damage from the terrible power quality we have on the Vineyard?   Please visit our page on emergency controls.
– Direct Digital Control (DDC):  This approach is the most comprehensive and the most intricate. We have used DDC to connect multiple buildings together into one internet interface.   With DDC, we can control any system and setpoint, including temperature, humidity, domestic hot water, recirculation, radiant heat, and pool heat.   With DDC, we can also set up email and text alarms for any setting above or below the alarm threshold.   Please visit our page on DDC systems.

Please contact Marlon, our service manager, for scheduling service for your control system.   Once he determines the nature of the problem, he will be able to schedule a service visit with a team of two techs (one master, one apprentice).

“Rescue” Process:
Please contact Marlon, our service manager,  and describe how your control system is no longer correctly function – or if it has always been under-performing.

This will permit him to develop a “rescue” plan to resolve the functional issues.  Once Marlon collects the necessary information, he will bring in Brian Nelson for consultation on the next steps.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service and install your control system!