Boiler & Hydronic System Installation, Service, and “Rescue”

For the installation of boilers and hydronic systems, please start the process by contacting Dave Sprague in our new construction department to discuss your goals.

Some things to consider:
– Do you have propane piping already installed at your home?  We do not work with fuel oil.
– What are the venting options (existing chimney, sidewall termination, chimney liner, etc.)
– What are the venting location options (code required distance from opening windows, sources of ignition, etc.)
– Condensing or non-condensing boiler?  What are the expected load temperatures?
– Size the boiler for the heating load or domestic hot water load? (which is larger – sometimes domestic hot water is a larger load especially in newer homes)
– Hydronic systems and delivering heat to the building – is this an integration with existing systems or a new distribution system?
– Radiant floors or walls?  fin-tube baseboard?  wall panel radiators?  How much control is desired?  Floor warming or space heating floors?

Please contact Marlon, our service manager, for scheduling service for your boiler and/or hydronic system.  Once he determines the nature of the problem, he will be able to schedule a service visit with a team of two techs (one master, one apprentice).  We service propane burners but do not service oil burners.  We do service all types of boilers and hydronic systems.

“Rescue” Process:
Please contact Marlon and describe your failing or under-performing system so that he can develop a “rescue” plan to resolve the functional issues with your boiler and hydronic system.

We have seen a broad range of issues that affect proper system operation and have the diagnostic tools and abilities to pinpoint the root causes.
One of the primary causes of hydronic issues is inadequate air elimination.  Please visit our page on “spirovents”.

In addition to correct operational issues, we can also improve the control and function of your hydronic system.   Some of our improvements are upgraded controls,  remote access of the system via the internet,  and the addition of outside reset (a control which improves the efficiency of the boiler system by controlling water temperature based on outside temperature).   Please visit our page on “controls”.

Once Marlon collects the necessary information, he will bring in Brian Nelson for consultation on the next steps.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service and install your boiler and hydronic heating  system!