Internet Thermostat Issues?


The “Nest” Thermostat

We have had numerous reliability and operational issues with the Nest thermostat that make us reluctant to sell or service it.   Because it requires a source of power and doesn’t have batteries, it can be connected in various “power stealing” configurations beyond just connecting to Red and Common wires from the system transformer.


While this “power stealing” scheme may be successful in some applications, there are enough unforeseen negative interactions between the Nest and the heating and cooling equipment to cause the loss of heating and cooling.  Because some seasonal residents wish to use the Nest for their seasonal homes while they are away, the possibility of a loss of heat and a freeze up are real.  To us, this level of risk is unacceptable in a heating system.


Lyric-HeroThe Honeywell “Lyric” Thermostat
This thermostat has issues in terms of internet connectivity and connection to the router.  We have found in some instances that this thermostat will not respond to manual commands when the router is down – the only way to change configuration of this thermostat is if the router is up and working.  Configuration has to be changed on an iphone device on the Lyric app, ping to the router, and then to the Lyric thermostat itself.  Many times if router strength is low, it is not possible to update or configure the phone.

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