Nelson Mechanical Design is fully licensed to perform plumbing in Massachusetts:
Brian Nelson, Dave Sprague, and Paul Vertifuelle are all licensed Master Plumbers.
This means that we have the training, experience, and up-to-date knowledge necessary to install plumbing in both commercial and residential structures. We offer design, installation, and service of all types of plumbing and can review the merits of different plumbing approaches and materials, i.e. traditional versus “green”, cast iron versus PVC, copper water lines versus PEX water lines, etc.

Residential Plumbing:

borg-lavatoryResidential plumbing has always been a cornerstone of Nelson Mechanical Design’s business. We offer high end design build custom plumbing systems as well as modular home plumbing system connections. We can also help you design your dream bathroom or kitchen, having years of experience with what design will work best for you.

Aqua Pex Piping:
Pex (a plastic tubing used for hot and cold potable water as well as heating) has swept across the plumbing world.  While most of our water pipe distribution systems still use type L copper tubing and fittings, many times we will run ViegaPEX_Barrier174x160

branches to each fixture using Pex piping.   These systems offer many benefits including greater resilience to freeze damage, reduced labor in install
ation, and the ability to isolate fixtures in the mechanical room for ease of service. For more information visit:

Clivus Composting Toilets:
Environmentally sensitive systems such as the Clivus green-building-kc-3Composting approach have always been a part of Nelson Mechanical Design’s installation practices, and they are becoming more important as the Vineyard works to deal with the effects of nitrogen on the enviroment.  These systems offer substantially reduced water consumption and discharge. The result of these systems is a nitrogen rich “tea” that can be used to water gardens and lawns.  Typically, a large tank (as seen in the picture) is installed in the basement and all toilets are connected to it.

Custom Plumbing Installations:
spoutAt Nelson Mechanical Design, Inc. we define plumbing as the ability to solve problems. Our custom plumbing installations are no exceptions. The picture below represents a great anecdote about one of our clients. She came to us with a ceramic pitcher in her hand and said “can you fill my bathtub with this?”
Well, of course we said “yes”. We fabricated all the elements to allow her children’s bathtub to be gracefully filled by this beautiful ceramic pitcher. Our other custom installations are no different.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service and install your plumbing system!