Air Conditioning


We have spent a lot of effort to find the best air conditioning systems for the Vineyard market – units that combine efficiency with robust design and ease of service.  All air conditioning systems available on the market today use some sort of computerized control to meet current federal efficiency standards.  Unfortunately, the Vineyard electrical grid is overloaded which results in seasonal voltage issues – many times in the summer, the AC load on the Vineyard makes the voltage drop which wreaks havoc on the control boards of AC systems.   Our goal is to find air conditioning units that are least affected by these brownouts – we currently offer Carrier AC units for ducted systems, Daikin mini-splits, and Mitsubishi combination systems (mini-split wall units and small ducted units).   In our experience, these brands are the most robust in terms of dealing with voltage issues while providing flexibility and efficiency in cooling your home.It is important to determine what your comfort goals are – older AC systems were designed to keep the inside air temperatures in the mid 70s – now we are seeing some of our customers seeking inside air temperatures in the mid 60s.  These lower temperatures are certainly attainable but the AC equipment must be sized for this increased cooling load.

Carrier Infinity Greenspeed AC system:

“The Infinity 19VS is different in a lot of ways. It offers variable-speed compression that can step down in 5 stages to as low as 25% of its capacity. That’s huge from a comfort perspective. The ability to run in lower speeds most of the time makes it quieter and more adept at removing humidity and keeping temperatures even. Plus, those lower speeds are the sweet spot for the unit’s best efficiency levels and for getting the most benefit out of other systems you might have like an air purifier because of more constant air flow through the system.” (from the Carrier website)

York Affinity AC system:
_1080031York Affinty AC outsideThe York AC condenser is a two stage outside unit – it is less efficient than the Carrier equipment but less expensive too.  Very simple and robust – it is our go-to line for mid level performance at a good price point.





Daikin mini-splits:

“Daikin’s 19 Series Wall Mount Systems provide energy efficiency and comfort control with an affordable, cost-saving solution. Available in both heat pump and cooling-only applications, these systems feature streamlined, wall-mounted indoor units paired with quietly compact outdoor units. The flexible design blends discreetly with any home decor, and is ideal for single room enhancements, spaces requiring additional cooling only, and additions up to 1,460 square feet.” (from the Daikin website)

Mitsubishi combination systems:
Mitsubishi’s air conditioning system can incorporate floormount3
wall units,wall-mount-large-thinglink_0





horizontal-ducted-large-thinglinksmall ducted units, and ceiling-recessed-large-thinglinkflush ceiling cassettes to meet the needs of different interior spaces.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service, install, and rescue your air conditioning system!