Water Treatment Team

Marlon Dwyer
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Why Water Treatment Final

This team services and installs water treatment systems in both residential and commercial settings.  Our two water treatment experts are Nick Rivers and Nick Moreis.   Their team has received factory training from Watersoft, the leading water treatment manufacturer in the US.

The water treatment team performs periodic maintenance on existing systems and “rescue” work on systems that are not working correctly.   Typically we test the water at the start of our service visit and retest the water after rebedding of the media and adjustment of the backflush cycle.  We are fully equipped to do a test of the water on site; for a more detailed analysis we send off samples to the Aquinnah Lab or to our water treatment supplier.

Our team can make corrections in existing water treatment systems to optimize their operation.  This is often necessary if there are changes in the aquifer, the daily usage of water, or the need for irrigation.

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Water Treatment Team Showcase

  • Vineyard water has a lot of iron which must be removed regularly.

  • Shark skin tank covers greatly reduce condensation.

  • Each of our water treatment trucks has a specialized test kit for water quality analysis.