Why Choose NMD for your HVAC project with a contractor, builder, or architect?

Matt Rivers
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When you call the HVAC-Contractor team at NMD for a quote on a new heating and air conditioning system for your new home or renovation project, the follow steps happen:

Matt Rivers and David Sprague will arrange a site visit to your property or office to review the plans for the project and discuss and what the client needs are in terms of their HVAC system.

Matt and Dave will then carefully review the drawings and specific client requests and enter the information into our HVAC system design software.   We will be able to perform a building heat loss and gain analysis (commonly referred to as the Manual J),  develop a list of approved HVAC equipment that will meet the needs of the building (a Manual S), and finally complete a duct design to deliver the heating and cooling to the living spaces (a Manual D).

Massachusetts and our island towns are starting to require these three reports in order to obtain a building permit and proceed with a project.   By completing these three reports we can also be confident that the equipment selection and the duct design will meet the heating, cooling, and ventilation needs of the building and the client.  We can also select equipment based on its efficiency and eligibility for rebates.

We like to use Mitsubishi and Bryant HVAC equipment for several reasons  – they are the most efficient units on the market, they have outstanding product warranties, and they are available in a wide array of sizes and configurations.   We can provide multiple approaches to the heating and cooling needs depending on the client’s and architect’s aesthetic requirements – from ducted air handlers to wall hung mini split heat pumps to ceiling cassettes to built-in wall consoles.   Our specialty is the ability to integrate these various approaches with correctly sized equipment to provide a robust and efficient system that will provide heating and cooling comfort for years to come.

Once the design is solidified and construction has started we will carefully coordinate our HVAC installation with the contractor and architect to make sure the project stays on budget and schedule.