HVAC – Homeowner Team

Tom Neadow
508-696-3120 Ext. #8
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Why HVAC Final

This team installs HVAC systems for homeowners in both new and remodel projects.  At the head of this department is Tom Neadow,  who has been with NMD for over seven years.   Tom and his team specialize in new and replacement furnace and boiler systems, ducted HVAC systems, and retrofits to existing HVAC installations.

Tom coordinates closely with Dave Sprague, co-owner of NMD, to ensure that each project meets the homeowner’s expectations and that no details are missed.  Tom works to establish clear communication between the homeowner (and their caretakers) and NMD.

Tom is knowledgeable about the increasingly strict town, state, and federal codes and bylaws that will affect HVAC system installations.   His goal is to make sure that every project we take on will meet the highest standards of state code and energy efficiency.

Radiant heating installation

Heat pump installation

Hydronic heating system

Inverter heat pumps

Air Handlers