Geothermal – Radiant – Rescue Team

Brian Nelson
508-696-3120 Ext #1.

Why Geo Final

This team specializes in service, installation, and “rescue” of the more advanced HVAC systems on the Vineyard.  At the head of this department is Brian Nelson,  who established NMD with his business partner Dave Sprague in 2004.

Since then, Brian has supervised the “rescue” of over a dozen intricate HVAC systems that were underperforming, inefficient, or constantly trouble-prone.  Using his engineering background (M.S.M.E. from Boston University) to address design issues and his Master Plumbing license for installation issues, Brian and his team can analyze and resolve a wide array of system issues.

This team is also skilled at the installation of geothermal, radiant, and advanced hydronic systems including solar hot water heating, air to water heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, and condensing boilers.

Geothermal “Rescue” – adding cooling capacity

Radiant heating with copper tubing in floors

Geothermal horizontal field

Solar hot water – the island’s largest system

Air Conditioning “Rescue” at the Norton house

Geothermal “Rescue” – acidic water was threatening the pipes!