Mansion House upgrades 10 ton Geothermal Heat Pump


We recently replaced the aging 12 ton geothermal heat pump that served the health club at the Mansion House with a new and more efficient 10 ton unit.  This involved a lot of planning and thinking on how to best navigate through the hotel, what heat pump models had different dimensions, and where the tightest fit was along the route from the delivery truck to the health club.


Width wise, the tightest fit was on the front porch and maneuvering the 800 pound heat pump to get it past the front doors and through the vestibule.  We had to add the height of the pallet jack to all of our measurements to make sure we could roll the heat pump without damage to the floor.





Once we were in the lobby, we had to clear out the doorway into the health club.





With the pallet jack at its minimum elevation, we just snuck in through the door way with 1/4″ to spare!  This was our tightest height dimension.





The pallet jack and the skilled work of Cape Cod Express got our new heat pump all the way into the health club and its new home.  We had cut a piece of plywood the shape of the heat pump’s footprint to prevent it from sinking into the rubberized floor of the health club.




We had already extended the 1-1/2″ copper pipes up from the sub-basement to provide geothermal building water to this new heat pump.  Once the unit was in place, we installed three return air dampers and one outside air damper on the side of the building.




zip-economizerThese dampers were connected to the Belimo economizer control that will optimize cooling operation of the heat pump.  The control constantly compares outside air temperature and humidity with inside air temperature and humidity – if there is a need for cooling, and the outside air is cool AND dry enough, the outside air damper will modulate open.   The return air dampers will modulate close until the precise comfort temperature is reached.  This greatly reduces the run-time of the compressors in the heat pump (they don’t need to be on if the outside air can cool the health club) and reduces energy use dramatically.  Yet another way in which the Mansion House is one of the greenest hotels in Massachusetts if not the U.S.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to show you some of our work.