Carrier Variable Speed Heat Pump System


The Carrier Greenspeed variable speed heat pump is the most efficient air source heat pump on the market.  It is smooth, powerful, robust, and quiet and illustrates the lessons learned by the American manufacturer from the innovations of Daikin and Mitsubishi.


We see advantages in the very user friendly thermostat;  it is nicely intuitive for the customer and very powerful for the service tech.





We see advantages with the vertical air discharge – during snow events, the snow is blown straight up and away from the outside unit.  This prevents the kind of damage to the fan motor that we regularly see in the outside units that have horizontal air discharge – the snow is sucked into the machine leading to clogged up fans and stalled motors.  Note the large snow stand to ensure that there is enough space for snow to melt away from the warm defrost water.


The inside unit is very flexible – the Greenspeed platform works with add on AC coils on top of an existing furnace, with air handlers (fan coils) with their own built in coils, and with the Carrier furnace as the first stage of heat.


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