Outside Reset control installation


Outside reset control is an important part of making a hydronic heating system efficient and comfortable.  It is a control scheme that basically “resets” the temperature of the boiler water based on how cold or hot the outside temperature is.  The thought is that outside temperature will give us a direct idea of how much heat a building is losing and what the heating system output needs to be to meet that heating load.

The outside reset control raises the temperature of the heating hot water when it is cold outside and lowers the hot water temperature when it is warm outside.  At some point, usually 70, the outside reset control turns off the hot water production as it senses that there is no need for space heating at 70 F outside.   This is called warm weather shutdown (WWSD).  The Tekmar control above is being used on a radiant heating system to reset the boiler temperature water to make the radiant system precisely meet the heating needs of the building.

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