ECM Smart Circulator – Bell Gossett EcoCirc XL


The larger versions of the ECM circulators have a tremendous amount of features.  While they are designed for the commercial market, we have found that they work well in our larger residential installations.   The Bell Gossett EcoCirc XL is their flagship ECM circulator.


Here is an example of a twin circulator set up – the two pumps talk to each other and alternate operation based on run time so that they wear equally.





“The ecocirc XL is a highly efficient circulator that enhances commercial hydronics systems with superior quality and dependability. State-of-the-art hydraulics, advanced motor design, intelligent controls, and smart communication capabilities highlight expert engineering across a broad range of HVAC and plumbing applications.”

“A highly efficient ECM motor combined with optimized pump hydraulics, keeps operational costs at a minimum.”

“The Intelligent Drive –  The ecocirc XL can operate in 3 different standard control modes: • Proportional pressure control • Constant pressure control • Constant speed. Night mode functionality provides additional energy savings. Advanced settings can be managed from a PC, tablet or smartphone, and are accessible via optional built-in wireless or RS-485 cable”

“User-friendly interface With only four logically placed buttons on an intuitive interface, it’s easy to set and operate the new ecocirc XL. Advanced settings enable custom programming, accessible via a PC, smartphone or wireless enabled device.”

“Multiple inputs including start-stop, temperature control, pressure regulation and advanced Modbus or BACnet control provide dynamic system management. ”

“Evolved Communication • The ecocirc XL communicates with advanced Building Management Systems via Modbus or BACnet protocols. • Two analog inputs – one for the differential pressure sensor (4-20 mA), and another (0-10V) for speed control • An external temperature probe can be added for more advanced temperature control. • Start-stop functionality is built-in.”      (from the Bell-Gossett website)

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