Controls – DDC (Direct Digital Control) Upgrade for Complete Remote Control


We often get asked to rebuild complicated control systems to modernize them and restore their correct function.  Many times, we see control panels that are chaotic and poorly laid out, incorrectly assembled, or just not working.


This is the before picture of a control panel that was a mess so we carefully labeled all of the wires and then rebuilt it from the ground up.





We replaced the obsolete Johnson Control controllers with modern Distech LON controls.  Here is the Distech control with a built in display that permits access to all points in the system.






We installed extension modules like this Distech controller to simplify the wiring and increase the brainpower of the control panel.  It also made programming the installation very simple.






We installed new control relays that had built in LED to show us status and override levers to permit easy testing of functionality.






We also rebuilt the left panel and modernized those controls as well.  Here is a picture of the updated control panel after we were done with our improvements and corrections.





Here is a picture of the left side panel.  It houses the power supplies for all of the controllers.






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