Mitsubishi Heat Pump Training Day at NMD

TimStanielsHomans110617Tim Staniels, of Homans Associates, arranged for a full day of Mitsubishi training at our NMD offices.   He has been instrumental in supporting Nelson Mechanical Design in our drive to become accredited as a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer and to fully train our install and service teams.

He brought over Mike Lumia, manager of technical support at Homans, and Chris Morin, Mitsubishi Area Manager for Massachusetts.  We brought in our twelve installation and service team members from the field for the day of training on the M and P model Mitsubishi heat pumps that we currently install.

ChristrainingNMDstaff110617Chris Morin of Mitsubishi started off the training session with a detailed overview of the Mitsubishi heat pump technology and the options available with the M and P heat pump models.   His presentation was very important for the new construction teams as they learned about heat pump model selection, installation, and commissioning.


After MiketrainsChrislooksonNMDstaff110617lunch, Mike Lumia of Homans took over and discussed the service side of the Mitsubishi heat pumps – how to troubleshoot any error codes,  understand the different modes of operation, and show homeowners how to operate their new systems.


Our team members took notes and added bookmarks to their ipads.  Nelson Mechanical Design understands the power of the internet and how important it is to connect our employees to the incredible wealth of knowledge available on the web.  We provide each employee with an ipad so they can access installation manuals, service bulletins, commissioning apps, and the Mitsubishi “mother ship” called my Link Drive.


DaveMikeMitsuteststand110617After Mike’s training session, we moved into our shop area for some hands-on lessons in troubleshooting and the diagnostic process.  We had assembled a training stand (seen here with Dave Sprague and Mike Lumia) with a 6,000 Btu/hr Mitsubishi Hyperheat heat pump on one side connected to a single inside wall unit on the other side of a platform on casters.  We installed various test ports so we could monitor the heat pump operation at different points in the system.



We divided up the twelve NMD new construction and service folks into two person teams, and sent some of them into the other room, and sabotaged our training heat pump.  Then we would let the teams back in to work on troubleshooting and resolving the problem.




In this picture, Dave, Chris, and Mike worked to block the air flow of the indoor unit to force the heat pump into creating an error code.




We then brought the teams back in to the room and watched them troubleshoot the error code.  They were able to use their ipads to access the online manuals, technical bulletins, and library of error codes so that they could resolve the error-code generating issue.  Here we can see Chris and Dave discuss with the various team members the possible solutions to the error code they retrieved from the heat pump.

Here we can see Mike working with another NMD team to measure the voltage at the indoor unit to dMiketestingvoltageNMDstaff110617etermine where the fault might be.  This Mitsubishi training day was a huge success for NMD – many thanks to Tim Staniels and Mike Lumia of Homans and Chris Morin of Mitsubishi for making it happen.