*Covid-19 Policies*


Given the ever-increasing impact of COVID-19, we have worked hard to determine the best way to continue to serve our customers while keeping both them and our staff as safe and healthy as possible. For us this means practicing the guidelines set in place by the Boards of Selectmen and Health. This includes a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy requiring any employees who are, or display symptoms of being, sick to remain at home. This also includes our inability to work inside an occupied home UNLESS IT IS EMERGENCY SERVICE WORK to maintain habitability or the work is approved by the Building Inspector or Health agent based on a suitable
separation between the work and the occupied space. With respect to the social distancing guidelines our employees will arrive to every job in their own individual truck. Each employee has received a stock of PPE, personal protective equipment, including N95 masks, alcohol based hand sanitizer, and alcohol based surface disinfectant wipes. We continue to brief our employees with the most updated COVID-19 guidelines and information in an effort to ensure the safety of us as a community.