The Power of Two – Green Mechanical Contractor

Alex Boyle speaks passionately about what he thinks should be a national imperative: to shift to renewable energy sources. “We need to move beyond the barriers that are impeding our progress,” he says. “We have to get serious about this. We can continue to burn fossil fuels, pollute the atmosphere and threaten our national security, or we can use the wind and geothermal energy right within our reach.” Alex and his wife Betty had a home built on Martha’s Vineyard last year. The 5,000-sq.ft. timber frame net-zero house is powered by a 10kW wind turbine. Annually, the output of the wind turbine will be greater than the power used by the house and its geothermal system. Nelson Mechanical Design, Vineyard Haven, Mass., won a 2009 Green Mechanical Contractor (GMC) award for the project in the “Most Innovative” category.

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