Small Wind on Martha’s Vineyard – Net Zero

Alexander Boyle and his family’s quest to shrink their carbon footprint began in their oceanfront home. Only 150 feet above sea level, their property rises from the sea to a “Long View,” overlooking Vineyard Sound to the westnorthwest— the direction from which the prevailing winter winds come. The property didn’t have good southern exposure for a PV system, but the winter winds would provide ample power. This set a scenario for great energy production when the family’s electric/geothermal heating system requires it most.
“Our objective…was to play a tiny part in what must be a national imperative to shift our country’s energy supply to renewable, sustainable sources,” says Alexander. “Our home has received considerable publicity as Martha’s Vineyard’s first ‘zero net-carbon’ house. With the geothermal heating and cooling system, and with the wind turbine, this home will operate totally without gas or oil fuel, which means no net greenhouse gases.”

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