Water Treatment Installation, Service, and “Rescue”

For the installation of new water treatment systems, please start off the process by contacting Dave Sprague to discuss your specific goals.   We can send a water sample from your home to Water Soft, Inc.,  the manufacturer of our water treatment equipment,  for evaluation and their recommendation of necessary water treatment system components.

Because we are licensed plumbers in Massachusetts, we can safely and correctly install any necessary piping to install your water treatment system.

Please contact Colin, our service manager, for scheduling a water treatment service visit.  Once we are familiar with the water quality in your well, we can fine tune a maintenance program to keep your water clean and healthy.

“Rescue” Process:
We have seen many cases where aquifers change over time and water quality becomes progressively worse.  Similarly, we also see systems that have been neglected, clogged from heavy use, or incorrectly serviced that need to be “rescued”.  Because water can be mineral laden and corrosive,  re-piping of some parts of the plumbing system may be necessary as well.

On the Vineyard, there was a period of time when “M” copper tubing (noted for its thin wall thickness) was legal and used in plumbing systems.  Over time this “M” copper would develop pin-hole leaks due to the corrosive nature of the water. Eventually, “M” tubing was outlawed from use in plumbing systems and “L” tubing (with a thicker wall) required in its place.  We have extensive experience with re-piping plumbing system that have “M” tubing and replacing it with “L” copper.  To prevent further corrosion, a change in the water treatment system may be necessary.

Please contact Colin and describe your particular water treatment issue so that he can develop an action plan.  He may request a water sample from your home to send to Water Soft, Inc., for evaluation and their recommendation on any additional water treatment system components that may be necessary to return the water to its desired state.

Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service and install your water treatment system!