Water Treatment 101


The descriptions and pictures below are designed to foster a basic understanding of the parts of your water treatment system.  When you call for service, we hope they will help you to identify those parts of your system that may need service.  When you receive an invoice from us, we hope the information below will help clarify which parts and systems we worked on during our service visit.



Water comes in from the well water pressure tank








If there is high iron content then air is injected








A small air compressor is used – sometimes it is wired to turn on when the well pump turns on.






The water flows from the air pressure tank to the filter tank.  Air tank on the left and filter tank on the right.







Sometimes the tanks are insulated to reduce sweating in summertime.



Isobar I Valve wout cover

Water in the filter tank flows through media.  When this media needs regeneration, the water flows backwards and backflushes the media clean.  This requires a timeclock on the back flush head  to set the schedule for the time of backflush.


Pic - WaterSoft Centurion Head 2013 jpg


Newer backflush timeclocks are digital






When the filter tank is rebuilt, we replace the spacers and seals in the backflush head.  They will leak or not permit a complete backflush if they are left in service too long.





Sometimes we need to replace the yoke assembly.




This is what the old spacers and seals look like after being in service in iron laden water. (photo – the Family Handyman)







We replace the media if it needs it with new corosex and gravel



thumbnailWe also use georgia marble for media.






We check the backflush tube to make sure it is draining from the backflush head correctly.  (photo –




This is a whole house water filter that removes sediment with a regular filter and can improve taste and odor with an activated carbon filter.  The blue housing unscrews from the white top.  Sometimes they get stuck and are very difficult to disassemble.






Our goal is to be Martha’s Vineyard’s premier plumbing and HVAC shop – we appreciate the opportunity to service, install, and “rescue” your water treatment system!