Islanders Tap Geothermal Energy – the Heat Beneath Their Feet

When it comes to alternative energy choices, some Islanders look no further than the ground beneath their feet. Geothermal energy provided by heat absorbed in the earth from the sun offers them a free, clean, renewable energy source for heating, cooling, and water heating in their homes and businesses.

Two of the Island’s biggest geothermal enthusiasts are Brian Nelson and David Sprague, co-owners of Nelson Mechanical Design.

In addition to a geothermal system in Mr. Nelson’s Vineyard Haven home, they designed and installed a combination geothermal and solar energy system in a home in Edgartown and are working on a geothermal system proposed for the Oyster Bar Restaurant in Oak Bluffs.

“The sun will never send you a bill, and peak sun, unlike peak oil reserves, is still billions of years away,” Mr. Nelson says with a smile. As he explains the basics of how a geothermal system operates, it sounds too good to be true.

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