Contractors Leading Green by Example

While contractors across the country are hitching onto the green bandwagon, a few have been leading the parade. These are the HVAC contractors, both commercial and residential, who are actively using green technologies and principles in their businesses. These are the contractors that we call “green by example.” By using technologies and business practices that make ecological as well as economic sense, these companies are representative of those leading the way in the application of green business practices. These practices (which can be as diverse as basic recycling, installing very‐high‐efficiency mechanical systems, offering financial counseling, and using green service vehicles) offer numerous benefits. Not only can they help reduce overhead costs and demonstrate the viability of green technologies, they can also be used to promote the companies as good environmental stewards. Over the next few weeks, we will be examining these HVAC companies and their green projects in more detail. Here is an introduction to three contractors who are setting their own high standards for green practices: Hill York, Nelson Mechanical Design, and A‐1 Guaranteed Heating & Air Inc.

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